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Gas Mix Oil





Gas Mix Oil is an App to calculate the quantity of Oil to add when you mix it with Gas.

3 steps.

1-Enter the volume of Gas.
2-Enter the volume ratio of Oil.
3-Select the unit of measure.

Decimals allowed (Ex.: 10.1234).


Note: The ratio of Oil is indicated on the bottle of the manufacturer.

Gas Mix Oil will give you the quantity of Oil to add to your Gas.


1-Gas Volume   =  10
2-Ratio                =  40:1 (40 for 1)
3-Select              =  Metric, U.S. Gallon or Imperial Gallon.

The Answer will be 250 ml (Metric)

The Answer will be 32 Oz  (U.S. Galon)

The Answer will be 40 Oz  (Imperial Gallon)

Hope that will help you solve the problem of calculating mix in some places where you don’t have a Pen & Paper.

For my part it did!